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Content Is Everywhere

We live in the Universe of words. Words which are around us. Knowingly and Unknowingly Create an impulse in our everyday life.

Words that are impactful to the point that it predicts our future. Believe it or not one imperative notice from the workplace chooses our entire office day outline, regardless of whether it would be occupied or it would be at ease.

Words which are innocent yet triggers us. A random “hello” from a departed companion is reminiscent of all notorious school days.

Words which illuminates us, instruct us and persuade us. Sometimes it’s positive and sometimes its negative. Relies on the kind of words we utilize.

Words resemble air which continuously waves around us. We know about it yet at the same time once in awhile insensible towards its belongings.

It’s actually, the innovation of words, letter sets of numbers have favored us with a plenty of thoughts, yet won’t you say that it’s not simply words but rather the viable utilization of words which has made the everlasting impacts. It’s proficiently set such that it enhances individuals’ brain and make a motivation to step in for the final call.

Now let’s face one important question Today…

What will you call such a gathering of words viably and effectively set in a sentence, passage, punchlines, slogans, and headlines?

It’s nothing but the “CONTENT”
A definition not even defined by searching on Google for a “Content” as a keyword.

We see it EVERYWHERE. From a little place called Storeroom to a major place called Corporate. In Manual World to Technological world. From a person called Dope to the person called a nerd. Everyone needs Content to express their Emotional and Practical aspects of life.

Content is like a Shadow which reflects us in our past, present, and future. It has helped you in your childhood, in the form of chapters and lessons. It helps you when you want emails, newsletters, marketing collateral for your flourishing business and it will be there even when you are on your deathbed and someone reciting hymns for you.

It’s everywhere creating meaning, influencing you to laugh or cry, helping you to reach your destination, asking you questions, blessing your life with new ventures, Appreciating your values sharing with you, maybe some piece of information or knowledge and at last giving you a taste of success in whatever you do.

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